Getting Started

There are many different ways to get started with Tent CSS. Choose the method that is most appropriate to your project and environment.

Install with NPM

Install with Bower

Clone the repository

Install Manually

Download Tent CSS

How to include Tent CSS in your project

The simpliest way to getting set up with Tent CSS is to include the CSS file in your project. For this method you should copy /dist/tent.min.css into the CSS folder of your project.

Building from source

Alternatively, you can build your project using the Tent CSS source files that are written in Sass (SCSS syntax).

Below is an example how to import tent.scss into your project:

        @import "path/to/your-settings"

        @import "path/to/tent";

        // Custom CSS


To use the Sass source files, it is suggested that you have an understanding of how CSS preprocessors work and how to compile them.

Overriding Sass variables

Read more about using our Sass variables in your project in the Settings section.